T.H.E Equine Edge Calmer Powder

  • T.H.E Equine Edge Calmer Powder

he T.H.E Equine Edge Calmer Powder can be added to your horses regular hard feed, helping to build up a general sense of calm and relaxation. Perfect for those events that could alter the performance or state of mind within your horse, this can include box rest, moving yards or a variety of other situations.

It is made with a range of high quality ingredients and is safe to use for extended periods of time. Promoting a calm, relaxed, and focused state of mind in your horse, without affecting a horse's ability to compete. UFAS and Beta NOPS accredited. The Equine Edge Calming Powder uses the amino acid L-Tyrosine, the natural production of serotonin is prompted in the body. This is a powerful neurotransmitter that gives the horse a relaxed feeling without losing focus or dulling the senses. Used daily, these effects build up in the horse's system after 3 to 4 days, giving an overall sense of relaxation to your previously stressed, agitated, or highly strung horse.

Feeding Guidelines

Administer 2 level scoops once per day in your horse's regular hard feed for the first 3 days of use. Continue daily administering with 1 level scoop per day thereafter.

Please note that every horse is different, and will metabolize at different rates, along with differing pre-existing levels of serotonin. This means that some horses will present effects much sooner than others.