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  • Poll Position Audio Coaching

Poll Position Audio Coaching and Communication is aimed at offering stress free communication with trainers or grooms whilst mounted as well as gadget free Equine Performance Improvement training. It’s an anytime, anywhere biomechanical coaching headset aimed at targeting the riders knowledge and awareness through pre recorded training which can be worked through at your own leisure. This wireless headset which sits comfortably under the riding hat should see a reduction in equine sports related injury and an all round improvement in the horses muscle development ultimately offering longevity in the horses ridden career.

Simply put, it is 1 headset with 3 modes:
Firstly the headset boasts built in Bluetooth so being able to hear your instructor on a windy day is no longer a problem, as well as call making and listening to music whilst on the go.

Secondly, integrated FM radio allows you to stay motivated whether riding, mucking out or even walking the dog.

Finally, the added coaching sim has over 100 minutes of pre recorded training by equine biomechanical coach and mentor, Sara Carew. The training segments can be skipped, paused and replayed to enable you to tailor make your own schooling routine depending on your time allowance and the current fitness level of the horse. Whether you chose the flat work or pole work headset, you're sure to have hours of fun with the jam packed motivational exercises.