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NAF Pro Feet


PROFEET supplements are unique in that they not only provide nutrients to directly support hoof health, they also provide nutritional support that helps target healthy liver function, which, in turn is fundamental to healthy hoof growth.
Developed by veterinary scientists, with the assistance of leading farriers, PROFEET offers the most concentrated, fast acting, nutritional support for quality hoof growth.
The aforementioned nutrients in PROFEET work in synergy with the naturally sourced anti-oxidant ingredients in the formula to provide a hoof supplement that out performs all those that came before.

Feeding Instructions

Feed PROFEET on recommendation from your farrier or when compromised hoof health is evident.

Introduce gradually for fussy feeders.

Feed “Low maintenance” levels to maintain healthy hooves.

One 15ml scoop provides approx. 11g.

A 1.3kg pot fed at 33g per day will last approximately 39 days.

Five Star PROFEET Powder is an advanced powder formulation combining optimum

levels of biotin with key micronutrients and targeted antioxidant support, providing long term unique protection against cracked brittle hooves whilst supporting healthy horn growth.

g scoops per day per day


600kg+ 44g per day 4 scoops per day

400-600kg 33g per day 3 scoops per day

Low maintenance 22g per day 2 scoops per day

Ponies 22g per day 2 scoops per day

Low maintenance 16g per day 1½ scoops per day

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