NAF NaturalinteX

  • NAF NaturalinteX

A complex and top quality, multi-layered dressing, the NaturalintX Poultice by NAF is highly absorbent and contains 100% natural poulticing ingredients including Tragacanth and Boric Acid, both mild antiseptics. When moistened, Tragacanth activates, physically drawing dirt and debris from open wounds, as well as promoting the ideal, moist, clean and breathable conditions conducive to rapid tissue and skin restoration. Boric Acid maintains an antiseptic and sterile environment to reduce infection risk and speed up healing.

Directions for use
Hot poultice

Cut the Poultice to size and place in a shallow tray of boiled water, which has been allowed to cool to hand hot temperature. Once saturated, remove the dressing and gently squeeze out excess water. Place the poultice on the affected area with the plastic backing away from the skin. Hold in place with a NaturalintX Wrap.

Cold poultice

First soak the poultice in boiled water, then allow to cool thoroughly, before applying to the affected area. The poultice can also be chilled further, by placing it in its outer plastic bag in a refrigerator.

Dry poultice

Simply apply the poultice to the affected area directly. Ensure the poultice is applied with the plastic away from the skin before holding in place with the NaturalintX Wrap.


Clean the area thoroughly before the application of NaturalintX Poultice. Clean hands thoroughly before and after application. Do not apply the NaturalintX wrap or bandage too tightly, as circulation can be severely restricted. NAF NaturalintX Veterinary approved poultice should be renewed at least every 12 hours and should not be used in conjunction with any medical preparations unless advised otherwise by a veterinary surgeon. Prior to applying the poultice to your horse, ensure that the temperature is suitable on your own skin. Both extremes of hot and cold can be dangerous to your horse.

To avoid danger of suffocation, keep packaging out of reach of babies and children. For animal use only. For external use only.