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NAF Mare, Foal, Youngstock

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NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock is a vitamin and mineral supplement with a broad spectrum of essential elements for growing horses. A constant and balanced diet is required to maintain a healthy, even development, while avoiding growth spurts. It contains phosphorus and calcium for bone development and iron and zinc to allow ease of absorption into the bone. Vitamin E has been provided to support healthy muscle development while copper is added for healthy cartilage formation. The amino acid lysine has also been included to ensure protein is well utilised.

It is recommended that Mare, Foal & Youngstock is fed to the mare every day from three months before foaling through to weaning, and also fed to the foal up until four years of age.

Feeding guidelines
Weight g per day scoops per day

Horses & Ponies Brood mares 60-90 4-6

Ponies 0-12 months 30-60 2-4

12-18 months 60-75 4-5

18 months+ 5-90 5-6

Add to daily feed ration. A 1.8kg Mare, Foal & Youngstock fed at 60g per day will last approximately 30 days. One 20ml scoop provides approximately 15g.

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