• EquStreamz

EQU StreamZ ® magnetic horse bands introduce a new technique in magnetism – ‘360º resonance technology’ – Advanced magnetism for your horse.

EQU StreamZ ® revolutionary addition to the ever-growing magnetic therapy industry creates a variety of benefits over more traditional magnetic horse boots and wraps.

StreamZ magnetism does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents an increase in temperature allowing the bands to be worn by the horse for long periods of time, including through turnout and 24x7.

Magnetic therapy has been used for decades to support horses with equine joint issues, tendon and ligament strains, laminitis, navicular, windgalls, splint injuries, ringbone and much more. EQU StreamZ provide an advancement in traditional magnetic approaches and create results which speak for themselves.

StreamZ magnetic horse bands are suitable for use both pre and post exercise and are easy to manage and maintain. They are ideal as a complementary treatment for both immediate support when reacting to a horses injury or as a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of injury to your horse.

The robust yet lightweight neoprene sleeves wrap snuggly around the horses cannon bone or pastern, on either front or back legs (or a mixture of both) and are fully adjustable to a maximum of 35cm to fit all horses. Developed to provide full-body-effects including supporting horses fetlock and hocks.

Now supplied in eco-friendly biodegradable packaging and using the latest injection moulded hook-and-loop fastening material for durable outside-use. (Sleeves updated in July 2022)

By joining the ‘StreamZ Family’ your horse will be joining an illustrious team of riders including World and Olympic Champions, influencers, international teams, leading charities and thousands of other customers across the world.